Three ways to find a job abroad when you have a university degree!

Most likely you already know it yourself: after graduating from college, you are looking for a job or are currently thinking about changing your job.

One possibility is to look for a new job abroad. Austria and Germany are close to home and we all know that we can earn significantly more money beyond the borders.

But how can we go abroad and compete against other candidates?

1.Use Job Portal Services

Job Portals in the Internet exist to help you find your best-matching job in your home country or abroad. A typical job portal allows you to see different job offers from different companies on one page. This way you can quickly compare the amount of information that you would otherwise have to look for individually.

The advantage of a job portal is that you can quickly and easily create a unique CV which you can send to and indefinite number of open positions in different companies.


    • The  “Europefusion” Job Portal is specialized in employing foreigners abroad
    • One standard CV for all job offers
    • A large selection of job positions
    • Direct contact with the company abroad
    • No fees
    • Short and transparent process
    • Recommendations for improvement
    • Possibility to create a profile
  1. Contact a job agency

There are many job agencies which score with their contacts abroad and might simplify your search. They can easily be found on the Internet.

Standard interviews will take place, which typically happen firstly with the agency. If this interview was successful, the next round of interviews is arranged directly with the potential employer.


  • Initial contact and partner in your native language
  • Direct business to Germany


  • Registration fee
  • Placement fees need to be paid both by the agency and the company
  • Long process
  • Agencies focus on manual jobs, less on academics


3.Direct contact to companies in Germany

In today’s digital world, each company has its own web site with a career-oriented section, respectively job vacancies.

Many businesses have a convincing profile and interactive videos showing the culture and work in the company. You can receive further useful information on the company’s website, such as the branch, the economic results achieved and the products / services provided.


  • Direct contact
  • No fees
  • Additional business information


  • Long process (The company needs a lot of time to process requests from candidates)
  • Necessity of several registrations and/or sending a new resume for each position
  • Competitors from all over Germany / the world



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