Company requirements for university graduates from abroad!

“I have graduated from college and have been thinking about working abroad for a long time. But why would I even go there and think they need me? Germans have a better education, are smarter and my German / English is not as perfect as they may require.

NO NO NO, stop! Let’s start over again!

The demand in Germany for university-educated people from abroad steadily grows. In order to maintain the growth rate of the German economy, foreigners already play a crucial role and need to be integrated even more.

At first glance, it may seem that the conditions to gaining admission for skilled work in Germany are too high, but this is misleading.

Let’s take a look at the basic requirements of most of the companies:

1. “Ja bitte” –  or language skills

Of course, working abroad without knowing any foreign language is very difficult.

The good news is that, thanks to globalization and the entry of international companies into European markets, Germany as a country is very widespread alongside the German language and English.

If you speak one of these languages ​​at business proficiency level, you do not have to worry about anything.

My advice: when being interviewed, ask proactively for options to improve foreign languages, such as online language courses. You will show that you are interested in further improving your language skills.

2. You have to want it – and show it

In Germany, it is known that particularly employees from the East are hard workers and usually bring a high level of flexibility with them.

At first, it is important to prove that we really want to work and we are not afraid of being challenged. We already did the first big step by moving away from our familiar surrounding! Helping your colleagues at work or overtaking small extra tasks is very simple and will immediately get you plus points. Of course, it is important to help but not being exploited – know the difference.

3. Be Proactive

If you are a freshman at college, you have an excellent opportunity to gather theoretical knowledge. Once you are an experienced employee with many years of experience, do not be afraid to show that you already know something.

Proactivity in Germany is considered to be a valuable characteristic; so if you have a good idea, be brave and present this idea to your boss – you will certainly be heard. Do not make the mistake to expect that everything will be delivered to you on a golden tray.

4. Vocational training

Yes, if you are a programmer or would like to work as one in Germany, you should have graduated from college with a certain diploma and some of the experience (kann raus?).

The German work system is based on a system of experts. If you prove that you feel at home, you will be properly rewarded and acclaimed in the firm.

If you have graduated recently or made the first experience in the field, do not be afraid to apply for open positions – as a Slovak slogan says ‘no master has fallen from the sky yet’.

In Germany, people believe in the potential of young, educated people, who might want to start their own business at some point, and therefore graduates are highly valued.

CONCLUSION: If you speak at least one foreign language, you are proactive and you are not afraid to travel, nothing else stands in your way to start a new job in Germany!


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