Attention! 5 reasons why you should work in Germany

Eastern Europeans often compare their salaries with Western countries. After 5 years of studying, followed by a hunt for an appropriate job many students seek their future abroad. Western Europe oftentimes is the destination of foreign graduates, especially strong economies such as Germany, Belgium, France. What are the benefits of working in Germany for european university graduates?

1. Increase your professional qualification

A wise proverb says “what you learned once in your life, no one can take away from you”. This is especially true for the work experience that accompanies us throughout our lives.

From our Western neighbors, graduates can learn from the best at the beginning of their career, work with state-of-the-art technologies and collect experience which is highly valued in our home country.

What sounds better than having worked for BMW in Munich for five years or for a modern Startup in Berlin? The chance to work with the top European companies and learn from the best is an opportunity that will certainly increase your professional qualification and raise your value on the labor market.

 2. Significantly higher salary

It sounds unreal to us, but nevertheless it is a fact: according to, a young engineer can earn € 4,000 gross salary per month in Germany. A Romanian waiter on minimum wage can earn a monthly gross salary of € 1,500. Top IT talents usually are being paid a gross monthly salary of € 7,000. For example in Slovakia, a similar wage is earned only by general directors and executives who have been working in their profession for years.

The cost of living is, of course, adjusted to a higher salary. Nevertheless, the standard of living in Germany is greatly convenient, matching the slogan “Live, do not only survive”. Earnings and spendings are balanced in such manner that a person can live from it and even save money. The Germans, for example, grant themselves several vacations per year.


3. Language skills

As you might know, to bring your foreign language skills to perfection, the ideal way is to go abroad and surround yourself with this language. So why not take the chance right now and  improve your language skills at a job you will be additionally well paid for?

Day-to-day communication quickly replaces any language school or vocabulary practicing. You wonder if people might discriminate you because your German is not perfect? Do not be worried about that – German colleagues openly welcome foreigners, and you wanting to improve and speak their native language will break the ice.

4. Social system

30 days of vacation, 37 to 40-hours weekly working time, overtime payment, huge opportunities for further education, company-subsidized leisure time activities, excellent medical care, functioning infrastructure and almost no corruption – in Germany, the quality and standard of living is very different to ours in many ways.

5. Germany needs us

Germany, as the strongest European economy, is constantly expanding and growing. Along with this growth comes an almost aggressive hunt for new highly-qualified professionals for engineering positions, pushing this well-shuffled machine forward. Whether mechanical or industrial engineers, IT engineers, mechatronics, quality managers, electro-technicians or technical managers – new positions are constantly being created and broadened. Your chances of being accepted for an attractive job are high.

Countless foreigners already work in Germany. A typical stereotype is that in many countries, people think working in Germany would be only possible for positions where no qualifications are needed. The reality looks way different! So why not getting a good life today and in the future when it’s quite simple.


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